Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wattburger on the menu

Today we start with the first of our guest blogger posts. Blogging has not only become a big part of our life but through this blog we have met some really interesting people who we wouldn't have met otherwise.
The first of our blogger dates was with Lisa, a fantastic bubbly woman from Iceland who lives in Antwerp. Lisa writes about stylish fashion and interior design, with posts of photos to drool over. She calls her blog Latte Lisa, because she likes to have a latte now and then... euh, every day!
We bonded immediately over our love of stylish things and of course good food! Apart from the style blog she also writes a food blog, kitchen & aroma, where she shares her very healthy recipes. We love her use of organic products and her cake recipes that are so healthy you can take two slices!
Thank you Lisa for this great post and looking forward to many more lattes with you!

Latte Lisa:
When you move to a new country you have to create a place for yourself, not only in your new home, but also in your new surroundings. As a newcomer in Antwerp in 2010 that is exactly what I did, I started finding these places that make life familiar again. It so happens that I also found two Flemish sisters – of course I'm talking about the fabulous Yummyblogsisters – who, like I do, love good food. I'm Lisa of LatteLisa and the food blog kitchen & aroma, honoured to be guest blogging for them today.

With all the variety in Antwerp, choosing a café/restaurant for this post was not exactly an easy task as there are many places I like to visit again and again. In the end I chose Wattman, one of the first places I fell for. They had me at their organic burgers. It's located in the Zurenborg area, just around the corner of the beautiful Cogels-Osy lei street, with all its mixture of architectural styles. Actually, I'm not much of a burger person but when I feel the need for one this is the place I go to and I order the Wattburger, served with frietjes and salad.

There I am in that unpretentious yet friendly place, enjoying every bite, enjoying conversations or just watching the people walking by, and occasionally I hear the noises from the freight trains passing over Draakplaats square. When you sit inside the noises aren't really troubling but they can be pretty loud when one is dining outside in beautiful weather. Well, I find that industrial romanticism simply charming and Wattman is anything but a stuck-up place.

As the name of my blog indicates, latte is my drink. At Wattman they serve it in big glasses and on the side is a Belgian classic, a chokotoff from Côte d'Or. This is the moment when everything in the world is exactly as it should be.

Thank you my dear Yummyblogsisters for having me over, and thank you also for making my Antwerp experience even richer. As a latte person I have to add, and I say this with all respect for Wattman and other cafés in Antwerp, that there is only one place that serves the best coffee in the city: Caffènation on Hopland street in the city centre. It has that raw look and the coffee is out-of-this-world good. I'm pretty sure the sisters will share it on their blog one day.

Tramplein 3
2600 Berchem, Antwerp
photo credit:
© LatteLisa – the photos were taken on a cloudy day in February 2012


  1. I know I can rely on your restaurant and café recommendations, Lisa, so I'm bookmarking these for my visit to Antwerp one day. It looks like such a charming place. Of course you'll have to join me to make my trip even more worthwhile. And right now I'm really craving a latte and a chokotoff on the side. :)

  2. Well, Lisa had done a terrific job in making want to visit Wattman and enjoy that delicious burger (and of course see all the gorgeous buildings in the surrounding). The shots could go straight in a magazine!

  3. A great post by Lisa! I love the card stock for the menus and the check napkins are so fun!

  4. Great tips, Lisa!! I must come one day to Antwerp!!

  5. This sounds like such a yummy place! I could definitely spend a few hours there on any given afternoon. :)

  6. Lisa, thank you so much for this recommendation! I love to find new places and you are giving me another excuse to organise a trip to Antwerp very soon...

  7. great to read so many people enjoyed Lisa's post, big thank you again to Lisa!


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